Merlot Bianco

Merlot Bianco, white, dry, and high class, from grapes of red Merlot vinified off skins at full ripeness.

merlotbianco14finestra_webSuch technique has its roots in an old tradition of Friuli, making since ever a special wine called “Merlot tears” out of the first drops of juice extracted from the grapes. –  Note that today in the US there is another “white Merlot”. It is a low level “blush” wine, with a bit of sweetness, similar to white Zinfandel. NOTHING TO DO with our Merlot Bianco produced in Friuli, Italy.

Our Merlot Bianco does not need to be further introduced. It speaks by itself and today is very well appreciated locally at our cellar and in several world markets. It appeals to curious people fishing for novelties and also to the most competent palates, and very well compares with the best traditional white wines of our region.

Its perfume is fruity and floral, with a distinctive recall of rose fragrances. The color very pale and delicate. The harmonic body lets you feel a refreshing pleasant acidity. Persistence of taste is remarkable.
Elegant as an aperitif, it is also a good companion of light dishes, like pasta and fish, and particularly interesting with row fish or with all kinds of spicy plates.

Dark and blond

Let me ask that if you like a woman with dark hair, a nice smile and an elegant body, if you see her the next day completely blond with an oxygenated hair, probably with a different dress but with the same charming smile, will you feel that she isn’t real any more, or would you rather still like her with the same intensity?


White and red Merlot are not just like this woman. They are born with a different colour. Merlot Bianco is made with the white pulp of the grapes and red Merlot is  fermented pulp and skins together.
Both Merlots are indeed very good, and the new white version may  be even more intriguing than the old one.

Just have a look at this short presentation about production of Merlot Bianco

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