Foffani Wines


Foffani vines and grapes had a hard time back  in Spring-Summer 2017: starting with frost in April,  the season continued with heavy storms in august and massive rain in late august and september, during harvesting.  But, you know, vines like it when the going gets tough. And they deliver high-quality grapes. So, vintage 2017 has brought less quantity but more quality. And quality is what it’s all about.
In April 2018 the new wines were presented officially after bottling: Surprise, surprise… come and taste!

All wines are produced from grapes of our estate vineyards in Friuli, east of Venice, in the DOC area of Aquileia.

This blog focuses on communicating our impression and our stories:  Contact us for more information.


GO TO Merlot Bianco (White Merlot) 2017

GO TO Sauvignon Superiore DOC 2017

GO TO Friulano DOC Friuli 2017

GO TO Pinot Grigio DOC 2017

GO TO Rosato DOC 2015

GO TO Merlot Riserva DOC 2009

GO TO Merlot DOC 2015

GO TO Refosco IGT Venezia Giulia 2016

GO TO Moscato Rosa IGT delle Venezie 2013

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