Sustainable Winery

Foffani winery, a slice of world and a choice of life

Foffani winery does not only mean family tradition, beautiful vineyards and cellars. It is passion and continuous search for sustainable quality of products and equilibrium among plural factors of human mind, environment and, in the end, art. Yes, art is the ending and intermediate result of a glass of wine, as that final sip brings all the work and the feelings of the producer who has managed his own land and wants to keep it clean for his grandsons.

Sustainability is not only compliance, it is a state of mind and a matter of trust!

Foffani winery and house belong to the family since MDC century. Documented wine production dates back to 1789In the late 70’s of last century, Giovanni Foffani has developed this tradition into production of superior quality bottled wines.lineafioreConceptual

Sales have grown rapidly throughout the world thanks to quality of Friuli Terroir and Giovanni’s creativity in wine making.

ragnetto-rosso_NG1Back in the 80’s, invasions of the little red spider were still destroying the leaves of the vines, if not treated with heavy pesticides killing at the same time also every other insect. Giovanni was one of the first farmers introducing the use of a steriliser of red spider females. In a couple of years this population was drastically reduced, but not completely. The bigger black spider, feeding itself by eating red spiders, was still able to find enough food to stabilize its presence in the vineyards, reaching again a natural equilibrium.

A few years later, the winery complied with the incentive rules set by EU for sustainability.  When the incentives were cut a few years later, the winery continued voluntarily the practice of pesticides reduction.

The equilibrium reached allowed in the end heavy reduction of chemical fertilizers and elimination of herbicides. The lawn cut is a natural nitrogenous fertilizer for the ground, and all pruned branches chopped and left on the ground give back their wood to the land, delivering phosphorus.  Only every 4/5 years the substances subtracted by the grapes with harvest (mainly potassium) are reintegrated with support of external fertilizers.

vigna erba

Starting 2016, no use of herbicides was again subsidized by EU under PSR 2014 -2020. Such protocol was already used on Foffani vineyards.

Optimal quality  of grapes is also due to low yields in quantity, well below the maximum allowed by DOC regulations.

Ecological cellar and carefully controlled wine production processes

Below are a few examples of best practices in wine making adopted by Foffani winery.

All the production processes carefully follow the rules of traceability from vineyard raising to final bottling. The wine produced comes exclusively from own vineyards.

Temperature control in fermentation is obtained thanks to circulation of cold water from a well to radiators inside the tanks. No other use of electricity or fuel in the refrigeration process.

tubi acqua

Protection against oxidation of Merlot Bianco is made with simple use of oxygen before fermentation. This way use of sulfites is reduced to a minimum, at the same levels as with biological standards.

Finally, the farm and the winery have obtained the award of “Company belonging to the network of Quality Farms” as per Art. 2135 Civil Code, thanks to historical compliance to all regulations regarding workers.  Care for the environment and the products is first care for the individuals.

Ecology and quality go hand in hand with culture and beauty.

The attention to details and the respect for the environment do not only concern wine production. Foffani winery and house communicate a special harmony through the walls, the trees and the flowers of the garden. And particularly, in the  representation of wine making shown in the personal exhibition “The colours of wine”.

Please open this small youtube film and just look and listen. You will discover that your values are the same as ours. Keep memory when drinking an  excellent glass of our wine.

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