The new 2016 wines are coming! After the VINITALY (the Italian International Wine Fair from April 9th to 12th) they shall present themselves officially on our Blog.
In the meanwhile the first news are seeping through. We have caught Merlot Blanc while labeling  and he agreed to answer some questions while dressing up. Here’s the first insider information about Vintage 2016.

Q: So finally you have been bottled! How does it feel?
A: Oh, well, it’s a new feeling, this bottle thing. It feels somehow narrow, but I’m getting used to it. Maybe I need another couple of weeks but, yeah, it’s ok. I’m preparing for the tables and for lunches and dinners, I’m preparing to make people happy so this is great, yeah it’s really great.

Q: What can you say about Vintage 2016? How was it?
A: 2016 has been the vintage of ABUNDANCE. We grapes have been blessed with the right amount of sun, the right temperature, enough rain and the right dry conditions. We didn’t have to fight for our life, and we had time to thrive. So in 2016 there has been quantity, acidity and alcohol content all together. We’ll remember 2016 as a very rich year in grape life. Rich vintage means…. well, you know what it means, don’t you?

He raised his hand to say goodbye, and went away to prepare himself for the official presentation at the Vinitaly 2017. He is dressing up like a real Diva, total white with a touch of burgundy… the “white body red blood” dress. A talented guy, indeed. We can’t wait to open the first bottle on the upcoming Easter table.

 You can download the Technical Sheet by clicking here
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