Pour A Mood In Your Glass: Wine Making Stories In Clauiano

Pour A Mood In Your Glass: Wine Making Stories In Clauiano

Wine Making Mood and Chronicle
Clauiano, Italy.


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What’s your mood today? Clauiano is a very small village in the Friulian Plain, in the north east of Italy, not far from Venice. The vineyards grow peacefully right behind the small Piazza, and near the ancient Houses. Autumn brings silence and foggy evenings.  Its is a quiet and blessed corner. The Vineyards are in Autumn mood.

yard moodMany people from the United States and Canada have already discovered this blessed little corner. Why blessed? Difficult to say. We say that’s the timewheel, slowing down for some reason. You can feel it entering our ancient yard. There is something different here at Foffani’s even if you don’t know what. It is so different we’ve called it FOFFANITY.

Because WINE IS NOT SIMPLY A WINE – not just some red or white liquid with alcohol and tannins and some flower perfume.

We infuse our wine with the dreams and the goals of our vineyards. We listen to them, and respond.

Our Wines are no standardized, mechanical, repetitive industrial products: every vintage has its own story and evolution, and is unique in its ever-changing moods. They gain their natural balance from this blessed little corner in the Friulian Plain, and from our attention in listening to what the grapes have to say when they still are up on the vines. This is why curious and very prepared wine and gastronomy lovers keep coming from north America to visit us. The can sense these moods coming together in the glass. Its not just smelling a liquid: it’s processing emotions, memories and… yes, also MOODS.

From the 2015 Vintage, and on the market now:

Merlot Blanc 2015, the modern mood
Friulano DOC 2015, the grounded and reliable mood
Pinot Grigio DOC 2015, the international mood
Sauvignon DOC 2015, the sophisticated and intense mood
Rosato DOC 2015, the young and fresh vacation mood

From previous vintages, on the market now:
Merlot 2013 DOC, the easy mood
Refosco 2012 DOC, the heartfelt mode
Merlot Riserva 2009 DOC, the pensive and introspective mood
Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva 2006 DOC, the meditative calm mood
Moscato Rosa 2013 IGT Delle Venezie, the joyous and party mood

It’s all in the Foffanity. Foffanity makes the difference. The moods come from you, but Foffanity mirrors them. Ready for this new, exciting game?

So…. what  mood are you today? Choose your Foffani Wine accordingly, and enjoy.

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