FOFFANITY, the unique perception of the visitor during a visit to our farm and when tasting our wines at home. Everything is streamlined and part of the same concept and lifestyle, that comes naturally from choices about the environment, artisanship, art, architecture and winemaking.

It is the atmosphere of our garden and our vineyards, the ancient walls of the house, the life inside.
FOFFANITY means changing speed, slowing down, breathing inside the old house. Letting the environment get inside you in a sunny spring or in the shadow during a hot summer!

Use all your senses: Look at the colours of the flowers and the paintings. Taste the wine. Listen to the music of our piano. Touch the mosaics in the garden. Smell the perfumes in the glass. Hear the sound of the wind and perhaps of the silence.

FOFFANITY is bringing all this into a glass of wine, after the emotion to decide about timing of the perfect harvesting, looking at the evolution of the wine in fermentation and waiting through the winter to let it properly rest in the tanks to get ready to reach the final bottle, in some cases after an elevation in wood for some years.

FOFFANITY is being naturally part of this world, visiting the winery, sleeping in our B&B or drinking the wine at home.
It is you resonating deeply with something ancient and forgotten. It is our passion for nature, culture, and art, that we like to share with our friends and clients during our events at the winery.

Rediscover the natural pace inside you, be simple and essential, with your friends and yourself. That’s what FOFFANITY is for.

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