MERLOT BIANCO: a story of ingenuity and success

Merlot Bianco, our UNIQUE wine


Merlot Bianco. Its fascinating story had its moment of “glory” playing a role in a comedy at a real theater.  A number of funny gags took place around a table, among which the funny existence of a white Merlot.

But our Merlot Bianco is not a joke. It is a real and original bottle, well appreciated in several world markets.  Produced with increasing success since more than 10 years, it has become the flag of our wine production. A fine representation of the ingenuity and passion we put into wine making.

The idea and the challenge comes from the nature of our land, mostly vocated to white wines, but with Merlot being adopted since 100 years as the best and easiest to make red wine.

The result is a charming, elegant and complex white Merlot, that competes hand in hand with the famous white wines from Friuli, but with the difference that is almost unique in the panorama of world wines. Worth trying and tasting !!!


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