Friulano TERVinum 2015 from our terroir

Friulano TERVinum 2015 from our terroir

Friulano-2015-TER-lightFriulano Foffani comes from our vineyards just across the house garden.

Formerly named Tocai Friulano, it can no longer be called with the Tocai name, reserved to the sweet Hungarian Tokay.
Anyway, Friulano remains  the classical white wine of our region. Its personality may look tough at first impression, but it opens up just only after remaining a bit in the glass, to become very charming and pleasant.  Nose and body are simple, but full of complexity and the deep sound of the rural environment of Friuli. Persistent in the mouth, at the second glass you may feel like drinking flowers and dreaming about an old music coming with the wind from the Eastern counties to cheer the people working in the fields.
Whenever someone asks for a glass of white in a local pub he will be given a Friulano, but no one will call it with this name, only Tocai for ever.

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